The Rain Provides: Part 2

Join us for a 6 month sustainability mentorship within the community of a learning circle. Dive deep into learning about how to be a healing influence on the planet with your lifestyle and land practices. Learn about regenerative water systems, passive solar design, natural building, and living off-grid. This is an opportunity to connect from afar with the online component, and come to ampersand for a community camp-out!

Residency for Resilience

Living at Ampersand is a learning adventure! Get more details…

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Participating in a residency at Ampersand is an opportunity to live a low impact life and have a great time doing it. This is a place to grow one’s intimacy with the earth and the rain and the sun. We have designed our sustainable systems to make it easy to live consciously with our resources. And there’s electricity and wireless internet. Usually people find renewal in how the essentials of life here feel so abundant.

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Apprenticeships are for folks who live close enough to come volunteer once a week and get some sustainability skills training.

Join us on a Tuesday, Friday, or weekend morning to help with building, planting, harvesting, repairing, or whatever we are up to! We will want to know your areas of interest and make sure to help you learn.

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Amanda Bramble is Ampersand’s Sustainable Systems Designer and has been providing mentorship and technical support for over a decade.  Her consulting work focuses on projects at the design phase.

She has been sought out for advice for siting sustainable infrastructure prior to building or purchasing a property, for creating a Permaculture site plan that works with the lifestyle of the clients, and for land restoration, water harvesting, greenhouses (watch this video) and passive solar design .

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