2019 Internship

Sustainable Community and Stewardship Alliance

May 21 to July 3 2019

Participate in building the world we need by joining a special partnership between two complementary land-based learning centers in the wilds of New Mexico. Between the intensive sustainability curriculum at Ampersand, and the deep community experience at Lama, this program is a one-of-a-kind exploration of sustainable community and stewarding the land.


Social Permaculture Series

Last Sundays of the Month!

Feb 24: The Work that Reconnects

March 31: Decolonization and Re-Indigenization

April 28: Place Based Mindfulness

Save your spot now by email: amanda@ampersandproject.org

Regenerative Soil Ecology

with Wildcat

April 7, 11am to 3pm

This one day workshop on regenerative gardening takes a living systems approach to soil and will introduce people to simple techniques for building living, fertile, resilient soil through increasing soil biodiversity and biomass. Regenerative gardening yields foods and medicines with much higher nutrient content and better flavor. We will explore nutrient cycling through the lens of soil, plant, and fungal ecology.

  • no till/ no fertilize methods
  • microbial soil inoculation
  • creating biodiverse polyculture

Save your spot now by email: amanda@ampersandproject.org


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