Developing a Permaculture Practice

Your home can be designed to support regenerative practices that feed the land while feeding yourself.  This is a workshop for those who want to deepen their practice of self sufficiency and alignment with place.

Read the workshop description to get a better idea of how exploring permaculture can lead to insights for next steps in your path towards a life in harmony with your environment.

Sunday June 16 11am to 4pm. Register by email


Water Systems Walk-Through

Your living environment can be designed to make best use of our precious desert water. The way the infrastructure is set up can decide how much food can be grown and how much water is needed to live on. Learn about storage in tanks and water harvesting earthworks. More Here

Sunday June 23 3pm to 5pm

Join us for Potluck after! Please register.


Native Plant Hike

June 2, 2019

Spend a couple hours getting to know our local plants and enjoying the land during this beautiful wet Spring! This is a special time for appreciating all the wildflowers that adorn our land right now. We will discuss natural history, edible and medicinal uses…More Here


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