Amanda Bramble has been providing mentorship and technical support for over a decade.  Her consulting work focuses on projects at the design phase.

She has been sought out for advice for siting sustainable infrastructure prior to building or purchasing a property, for creating a Permaculture site plan that works with the lifestyle of the clients, and for land restoration and water harvesting strategies…

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Greenhouse Design Workshop


Being able to grow some of our own food has become more important than ever. Last year’s Greenhouse Design Workshop was given rave reviews. Check back here for when we’ll run this popular workshop again. To get a taste of what is covered, click here.


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Come to Ampersand!

Book a tour!

While we have put gatherings on hold during the pandemic, we are still offering tours. Many folks are finding renewed inspiration for sustainability oriented projects at home. More people are buying land and finally getting started on their homestead dreams. You can book a tour of Ampersand with our sustainable system designer, Amanda Bramble. She will spend an hour and a half with you sharing aspects of Ampersand that relate to your interests. You can also bring ideas for your own projects to discuss with her. The rate is $50 and you can bring up to 4 other people. The tour will be held outside and spacially distanced and masked due to Covid-19 issues. To review examples of what a personalized tour can focus on, click here!

Climate Adaptation

The biological definition of adaptation is “a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.” The fact is we human creatures need habitats that allow us to survive and thrive. We have the ability to predict and model the future. This allows us to observe the discord between our way of life and what the planet can continue to… read more

We’ve been making

We now offer Amanda Bramble’s full class “The Rain Provides: Living Systems for Rainwater Reliance” for free.

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