Amanda Bramble has been providing mentorship and technical support for over a decade.  Her consulting work focuses on projects at the design phase.

She has been sought out for advice for siting sustainable infrastructure prior to building or purchasing a property, for creating a Permaculture site plan that works with the lifestyle of the clients, and for land restoration and water harvesting strategies…

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Climate Adaptation

The biological definition of adaptation is “a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.” The fact is we human creatures need habitats that allow us to survive and thrive. We have the ability to predict and model the future. This allows us to observe the discord between our way of life and what the planet can continue to… read more

Chaos Cafe

TBA: Restoring the planetary water cycle through soil building

Create with us a community of sharing and dialogue. Chaos cafe acknowledges our unpredictable global climactic balance and the resulting precariousness of our local economies and ability to meet our needs.

We must look towards re-establishing functional and reciprocal relationships with the basic elements that support life on our planet.



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