Chaos Cafe

Next gathering: February 23.  The focus will be Internal Adaptation

Create with us a community of sharing and dialogue. Chaos cafe acknowledges our unpredictable global climactic balance and the resulting precariousness of our local economies and ability to meet our needs.

We must look towards re-establishing functional and reciprocal relationships with the basic elements that support life on our planet.


Bramble On!

Listen to Amanda and Andy’s radio show on Climate and Culture.

Listen on KMRD.FM Fridays at 11am (SMT), stream online at, or access the archived episodes on our mixcloud page.

In July and August we interviewed some local agricultural producers and talked big picture about community resilience in the face of climate catastrophe.

People and Place

One day all our communities will be rooted in a particular place.


We are in an age of extinction, with dozens of species going extinct every day from human impact.

We witness the ecological systems that support life on earth falling apart.

We see the empire grasp for power on the brink of yet another collapse of another hierarchy.

Living lives supported by the last breaths of a dying civilization, we look towards a time when we will all just have each other. By that I mean look out your window. (read more here- it gets better I promise!)

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