2023 Plant List

Plant Sales

Thursday April 27 Santa Fe Delivery – 6pm

Thursday May 4 Come shop at Ampersand from 4 to 7 (or by appointment)

Monday May 8 Santa Fe Delivery- 6pm

Meet me at Santa Fe Place Mall to pick up your order. Bring cash or check! E-mail your order (from the list below) to amanda@ampersandproject.org and I will communicate with you to confirm.

May 13 at Moonbow Herbs and Gifts in Madrid from 11am to 2pm

Plant Inventory- Always changing as they come of age and get sold out!

$3  Frost Tolerant Veg, herbs and flowers in 2’pots

Magdalena Acelgas- short stemmed chard variety

Kale- White Russian

Kale- Walking Stick

Kale- Dinosaur/Lacinato

Moss Curled Parsley

Flat Italian Parsley

Clary Sage


Red Sorrel

Perennial Arugula

Ishikura bunching onion cluster

Catgrass- young sprouting oat grass clusters in 4″ pots- cats and dogs love to chew on em

$4 larger pot clusters

Romaine Lettuce mix


Red Cored- One of the sweetest varieties

Black Nebula- deep purple color.

Roots are sweet, finely flavored with hints

of wild berry taste in their flavor, can be used as a dye!

Koral- A super nutrient-dense heirloom from Europe.

Plants are productive and vigorous

St. Valery-intense flavor, hints of ginger,

and an incredible, earthy sweetness

Golden Beets

Ruby Queen beets


$8 Tomatoes: I’d rather sell these when they are a bit bigger and closer to frost date. But if you have a greenhouse and want to plant now, you are welcome to purchase.

Small sized fruits:

  • Chocolate Pear- light red in color, overlaid with swirls of varying hues of green or brown. Small pear shaped flavorful heirloom
  • Punta Banda- sweet-tart, thick skinned. Early maturity and drought tolerant
  • Blue Berry- blue cherries, turning deep red where shaded. Yield all season

Medium Sized Fruits:

  • San Marzano- Famous heirloom paste tomato, necessary for some recipes
  • Black Vernissage – crack resistant, juicy with smokey tart flavor, tolerates temp extremes(large cherry type)
  • Sunrise Bumblebee- sweet and tangy with swirls of red and orange- just bigger than cherry
  • Flamenco- 2″ fruits, acid sweet flavor, produces in heat when others stop. Ampersand favorite!
  • Prairie Fire- Insanely sweet! Scarlet, elongated fruit shimmers on the vine with its gold-flecked skin
Large Sized Fruits:
  • Classic Beefsteak– meaty and firm. Can get Very Large
  • Cherokee Purple- largeish heirloom with Brandywine flavor.
  • Brandywine- Known to be the best tasting tomato
  • Bread and Salt– dense and meaty for slicing and sauces. Russian Heirloom

There will be squash, cucumbers and other summer veggies, herbs and flowers available later!