2022 Plant List

Plant Sales

May 3 Santa Fe Delivery – 6pm

May 7 Come shop at Ampersand from 4 to 7 (or by appointment)

May 12 Santa Fe Delivery- 6pm

Meet me at Santa Fe Place Mall to pick up your order. Bring cash or check! E-mail your order (from the list below) to amanda@ampersandproject.org and I will communicate with you to confirm.

May 15 at the Village Greengrocer in Madrid from 11am to 2pm

Plant Inventory- Always changing as they come of age and get sold out!

$2  Veg and Flowers

Marigold- Cupid

Verde Tomatillo

Rainbow Chard

Giant Chinese Mustard

New Zealand Spinach


Kale- Red Russian

Kale- Thousandhead



Mammoth Sunflower

Sunspot Sunflower

Hopi Red Dye Amaranth- clusters

Mexican Sunflower




  • Tatume
  • Zapallito de Tronco
  • Red Kuri
  • Sunstripe Summer Squash


Craig’s Giant Jalapeno

Ajvarski- fragrant and tasty sweet red pepper for grilling from Macedonia.



Purple Opal Basil


Lemon Balm


Anise Hyssop

Red veined Sorrel- ornamental and edible!




Dragon’s Tongue Arugula

Genovese Basil


Lemon Basil


Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

Moss Curled Parsley

Hopi Ceremonial Tobacco



Esperanza de Oro


Sorghum clusters- Santa Fe Red (from Santo Domingo Pueblo)- chew the supersweet stalk like sugarcane!

Carrot clusters- Koral and Nantes Coreless


Salad Mix- Mostly romaine, some buttercrunch. 6 seedlings in each pot

Beets- Ruby Queen 5+ in each pot

Beets- Golden 5+ in each pot

Armenian Cucumbers- 2 or 3 in each pot

$8 Tomatoes:

Small sized fruits:

  • Chocolate Pear- light red in color, overlaid with swirls of varying hues of green or brown. Small pear shaped flavorful heirloom
  • Yellow Pear- pear shaped cherry, reliable producer. Thick skin.
  • Blue Berry- blue cherries, turning deep red where shaded. Yield all season

Medium Sized Fruits:

  • Martino’s Roma- Fantastic yields of richly flavorful paste-type plum shaped tomatoes, on compact plants
  • Raspberry Liana- heavy producer medium sized pink fruit. Firm flesh, sweet and rich flavor
  • Sunrise Bumblebee- sweet and tangy with swirls of red and orange- just bigger than cherry
  • Flamenco- 2″ fruits, acid sweet flavor, produces in heat when others stop. Ampersand favorite!
  • Prairie Fire- Insanely sweet! Scarlet, elongated fruit shimmers on the vine with its gold-flecked skin

Large Sized Fruits:

  • Cherokee Purple- large heirloom with Brandywine flavor.