Ampersand is our home and demonstration site located in Cerrillos, New Mexico.  It is a place to explore sustainable living.173
To learn more about us, Amanda and Andy Bramble, you can find bios on our website.
This is our website
Our off-grid site demonstrates sustainable systems including permaculture, land restoration, organic gardening, passive solar design, appropriate technologies, and wise water techniques. We build with natural and salvaged materials, cook with solar ovens, and rely on rain catchment.
Our whole approach to sustainability is about your relationship with your resources.
We start with the basics: water, food, shelter, and energy. We are simply gathering, experimenting with, and demonstrating sustainable solutions for living in harmony with our bioregion.
Ampersand hosts workshops, internships, retreats, volunteer opportunities, and other events for everyday folks wanting to respond intelligently to the state of the Earth .36547_10151658755091549_289275336_n
People often come to learn a specific skill, and discover they also build confidence and find inspiration for their next sustainable project at home. We offer a place where people connect, share resources and meet like-minded folks in order to encourage wise practices to grow roots everywhere.