Ampersand Community Agreements

Sustainability is an approach to life, which includes our relationships to everything—our resources, our waste, our interactions with the earth and fellow humans. These agreements are intended to provide a framework for our sustainable community interactions.

  • We acknowledge the practices we have individually and collectively that keep us centered and present. We support each other in maintaining them regularly.
  • We do our best to honor and follow through with all agreements we make. We make every attempt to be proactive about communicating needs for change in regards to any agreements.
  • We agree to listen respectfully to the opinions and feelings of others in order to understand rather than respond, agree or disagree. We remain open to improving listening skills.
  • We acknowledge that the purpose of our work here is for serving a greater good (community, cultural change, healing the earth)
  • For our world to be sustainable, honoring our authentic selves is important. While we recognize the experience, accomplishments, skills and credentials that people bring, we first and foremost honor people for their authentic selves.
  • We recognize the importance of bringing joy, humor and play to our experiences in order that we might acknowledge and accept the value in the imperfections present in ourselves and others.