At the moment, Google maps shows the incorrect address. It does not show our location. It shows our neighbor’s location and address. Do not use google maps to find us!

Download these directions early as there may not be cell service in the area!  Please note that we are located a mile and a half down a rough dirt road.  Unless it’s been raining a lot or snow has just melted, any car can make it in if you go slowly and carefully.  However, we encourage high clearance vehicles and carpooling. We do try to hook up people coming from the same area.  Don’t park at the beginning of Rogersville Road.

We are located off Highway 14, the old highway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Rogersville Road is located one mile south of the turnoff to the town of Cerrillos, where the railroad tracks and the Galisteo River pass under the highway. It’s about a mile and a half north of the town of Madrid.

Go West on Rogersville (it only goes one way off the highway) and go just over one mile. Do not take a right onto Old Coal Road.  Just keep going and look for White Wolf Road on your left.  Take that left, going up a hill, and go to the end. You will see #36 and keep going straight until you run into Ampersand.

You may want to go all the way to the end and turn around before parking.  Park along the East side of the driveway. The best place to turn around is at the end of the drive.

Cell phone reception is iffy in the Madrid/Cerrillos area.  If you get lost, you can try texting us, rather than calling. Texting seems to work better(505) 780-0535