People and Place

One day all our communities will be rooted in a particular place. Again. We are in an age of extinction, with dozens of species going extinct every day from human impact. We witness the ecological systems that support… Read More

My Whole Self

I’ve known my purpose as long as I can remember. It is to heal the earth and humanity’s relationship with the Earth. That may seem like a lofty goal. But what it looks like for me is very… Read More

Mushroom Revival

I have to admit, I needed a bit of a revival. I read the New York Times Magazine article by Nathaniel Rich on climate change and it left me deflated. The story is important (called Losing Earth: The… Read More

Finding Our Way

The dedication of holding this place that is Ampersand, is to be actively engaged in being what this world needs. Our planet needs us to use our curiosity and creativity to live in a way that is respectful… Read More

Blooming in Drought

A flower, she spoke to me. Blooming from a rock crevice. We’ve only had an inch of rain since the beginning of December. The level in our supply tanks is lowering every day. Since we want to have… Read More

The Synchronicity of Service

The first Ampersand apprenticeship is complete! So much has happened in these last six months and the apprenticeship has woven through everything. But there are a couple of things I really need to say. First of all, Janus… Read More

Spring Fever- How to Choose a Plant

May 6 Plant Sale! Spring fever really can be a problem. You go to the nursery and want them all! As I prepare for Ampersand’s Fundraiser Plant Sale on May 6th, I find myself assessing how well I have done with each species. I’ve really tried my best to plant each seed at the right time and give them the right growing conditions. Each variety of plant needs it’s own kind of care to be at the perfect stage

Water is Life

This is true in North Dakota, New Mexico, as well as within our own bodies. We are now getting a close look at oppression, heartlessness and violence against the Native People of these lands. It’s been happening for… Read More

Inspiration- The In Breath

“Did you have a vision for all this when you started?” I get this question a lot when people see Ampersand for the first time. How did we create all these structures and systems in 12 years? The… Read More

Lessons Learned

Our interns Julia Neish and Rachel Brylawski made this seven minute video as an independent project during their time at Ampersand.   What a beautiful way to explain their learning experience. We are so proud of them! Find out… Read More