Video and Summer Schedule

Here’s a little video to celebrate the gifts from the sky! Our water tanks have been full through the Winter and into the Spring. And we are enjoying some wonderful Spring wildflowers. We are also introducing our Summer… Read More

Tinkering for Hot Water

We love the sun! The way we appreciate this gift of nature is by harvesting it whenever we can. One way is by heating water. We have three solar water heaters that we cobbled together from items at… Read More

Rainy Day Reflections

Sometimes I forget how nature can swoop in and save the day. A good rain recharges not only my cisterns, but also my sense of abundance. It started a couple days after our mushroom cultivation workshop. We had… Read More

Cold Frame Saga

It’s a little bit sad. The old cold frame was the biggest hit on our Ampersand site tours, and we have dismantled it. It was amazing in many ways. It provided a great environment for growing greens in… Read More

True Love and Restoration

Recently I was asked to give a talk on the subject of love. Strange as it may seem, the first love I turn to is the love bunch grasses. They hold the soil together on the hills of… Read More

Rain Life

Their eyes go wide. Their jaws even drop a bit, sometimes. “Really?” they say every time. Yup. We live off rain catchment. Really. It’s not that big a deal. When we turn on the kitchen sink, water comes… Read More

Finding the Edges

I know you expect me to write about sustainability. I understand. But after exploring sustainable living on this one piece of land for 11 years, sometimes I think a lot more about the limits to sustainability. We can… Read More

Two Books

Not a review, just my experience reading Klein and Epstein side-by-side. At first glance The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and This Changes Everything are Tweedledum to the other’s Tweedledee. I mean, look at the covers. It may… Read More

Designing for Cozy

In Northern New Mexico, most rural folks heat their homes with wood. Winter conversations can revolve around where you got your wood, how well it burns, and how much is left. We quietly listen during these exchanges because… Read More

The Winter Garden

To commemorate the longest nights of the year, I’m writing about one woman’s winter gardening success. It’s so impressive that I have included information here that will help you get this going at your own place. Clair Gardner’s… Read More