Harvest Swap

In order for me to explain my passion for the Radical Homemakers Harvest Swap that I attended last weekend, I have to start with telling you about my obsession with fruit. All summer, from strawberry to apple season,… Read More

Unspoken Options

Like many people I recently read that 17 communities in California would run out of water soon. In 60 days or less. I perused 20 or so articles turned up in a Google search about this. Now reading… Read More

Prickly Pear Harvest

One of the many reasons I love September is that the land is full of wild fruits. And that’s saying something for our high desert grasslands. The most obvious one dotting the hillsides is the prickly pear fruit…. Read More

Mushroom Miracles

The first miracle was that Peter McCoy, one of the founders of Radical Mycology, even made it out to our off grid site with his giant cultivation equipment laden RV. We do suggest high clearance vehicles for the… Read More

Stories Told

Every culture tells itself stories. Ours has realized the power of story in unique ways. Not just the multimedia forms of books and movies dovetailing into one another, but also video games and even marketplace items. Everything has… Read More

Desert Flooding

This is what we spend the rest of the year preparing for.  After a dry summer, this amount of water seems inconceivable.  But it happens.  Living off of rainwater makes us cherish every drop.  Then sometimes the water… Read More

Building Sustainable Community

Written by Ampersand 2014 Intern, Kelly Hardin When I graduated this past May, I found the world wide open and full of possibilities but I also faced big, difficult questions: What does it really mean to live in… Read More

New Mexico Feather Grass is More Awesome

Drought tolerant and thriving in adverse conditions, Hesperostipa neomexicanais is a tough one. What I love about this native perennial grass is how it reproduces. The long feathery tuffs helicopter the seed shafts away from the plant. When… Read More

First Flood!

We got to see some payoff for all our work on our Watershed Restoration Project!  An unlikely May storm changed our whole summer, teaching us about how a flood works in this new habitat, and giving us a… Read More

Our New Mini- Internship!

This year we realize how much we need the internship for us. We need a hand to help pull us out of winter hibernation. Yes, the gardens are already producing salad, asparagus and other greens. The sunchokes are… Read More