Amanda Bramble has been providing mentorship and technical support for over a decade.

Her consulting work focuses on projects at the design phase.  She has been sought out for advice for siting sustainable infrastructure prior to building or purchasing a property, for creating a Permaculture site plan that works with the lifestyle of the clients, and for land restoration and water harvesting strategies.

  • Online Consulting – $45/hr
  • Consulting at your site – $75 for the first hour (which usually includes driving time and cost), $50 for subsequent hours on the same visit
  • Sustainable Habitat Site Analysis – $200
  • Consulting at Ampersand- $75 for an hour and a half

Often folks like to start with the Sustainable Habitat Site Analysis. It involves a preliminary client questionnaire, an hour site visit, and a short report with references for further independent study.

Email her at to discuss a consultation on your property or set up an appointment

Specializing in:

  • greywater systems
  • rainwater collection
  • passive solar design
  • land restoration and drainage
  • organic gardening
  • natural building
  • permaculture


  • Affordable Low Tech solutions
  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • DIY

More specific project possibilities:

  • Seed saving and Land Restoration
  • Organic Gardening, Wild food harvesting and Sustainable food storage
  • Herbs for medicine, beauty, and food
  • Greywater use in the landscape
  • Rainwater collection and use
  • Sustainable garden rehabilitation design
  • Composting and worms
  • Solar ovens and dehydrators
  • Creating outdoor environments to support sustainable practices
  • Permaculture
  • Native plants and their historical and contemporary uses
  • Nurturing the Soil
  • Harvesting Sunlight for heating
  • Gifts from the Land
  • Passive Solar design
  • Ecological microclimates
  • Natural Building