Earthstar Land Practice Mentorship

The earthstar mushroom is the more-than-human ally for this mentorship and learning circle. We are inspired by it’s mycelial healing network, and ability to create beautiful earthly expressions with the smallest amount of rainfall in a delicate arid environment.

Join us for a 6 month mentorship within the community of a learning circle! Each month will focus on an element and what it has to teach us about sustainable living and embodied ecological awareness. Dive deep into learning about how to be a healing influence on the planet with your lifestyle and land practices. Amanda Bramble will teach online classes and suggest resources and questions to inspire community conversation in a forum with your Earthstar Circle cohort. Converse live online with your peers in facilitated connective experiences. Expect two to three hours a week (or more, of desired) participation in class time, exercises, and community connection. There will also be an opportunity to gather at our off-grid Sustainable Learning Center in New Mexico for a community camp-out and living permaculture experience!

  • Make connections in a web of ecological and community projects, and orient towards your role in your local community
  • Learn about regenerative water systems, passive solar design, and natural building
  • Increase your ecological literacy and understanding of biogeochemical cycles
  • Learn land restoration and permaculture living techniques, focusing on arid lands
  • Includes elemental practices to deepen connection with your place
  • Get mentorship for your project and path as an earth healer in a one-on-one session with Amanda Bramble
  • Explore decolonial perspectives
  • Participate in group collaboration regarding your own project with your peers

Ampersand’s Mentor,

Director, and Systems Designer

Amanda Bramble

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My most honest resume is Ampersand, where we live within the designs that I have envisioned and created with the help of many friends, volunteers, interns and apprentices. The way we live off rain catchment in a place with scarce rainfall has deepened my relationship with water, weather, and wildlife...

Charlotte Grubb, Abolition Organizer and Baker