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Wild Elixirs

January 8 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

$60 – $80

Two meeting time for this course! Jan 8, and Jan 15

2 to 4pm each date

Those in my orbit know of my passion for bubbly herbal beverages. You may have encountered me with a bottle of hot pink bubbling over brew and basket of small cups to drink from. Perhaps you have tasted my watermelon basil, tulsi pinon, or prickly pear juniper concoctions. Brewing these fermented treats is one of the main delights of my life.

While being the sole elixir godmother is fun, I am ready to share with you how I do it. I’m talking fermented sodas, concoctions naturally bubbly from wild yeasts- like what root beer used to really be. There are recipes from many traditions and locations that lead down the same road- using what grows around you (or what you can glean) and fermenting it into a bubbly delight. Usually some sugar is involved to feed the yeast, but not so much that it ends up super sweet. That’s the trick. I’ve make tepache from pineapples that were getting thrown out. I’ve made smreka from the juniper berries outside my door. And I’ve combined plants and flavors that feel unique to this land and my own cultivation habits.

It’s really all about the microbes. In this workshop you will make a wild yeast starter from plants you gather outside. This will be gift that keeps on giving. We will make friends with these microscopic wild beings and co-create with the land we live on. Together with the plants, the microbes, the rainwater, and a bit of sweetness, we will make magic.

This course will have two gatherings. In the first, we will set the process in action for three types of elixir. We will use what we can get locally in the winter. Most likely we will make beet kvass and pinon-juniper berry soda. And we will work with prickly pear fruit that has been frozen.

When we meet a week later, we will drink them! And also make your own wild yeast starter. You will receive a few video updates during the brewing time, where I will share what I do to help it all along.

Save your spot! email me at amanda@ampersandproject.org


January 8
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
$60 – $80