Native Plant Hike

Spend a couple hours getting to know our local plants and enjoying the land during this beautiful wet Spring! This is a special time for appreciating all the wildflowers that adorn our land right now. We will discuss... Read More

Water Systems Walk-Through

Your living environment can be designed to make best use of our precious desert water. The way the infrastructure is set up can decide how much food can be grown and how much water is needed to live... Read More

Chaos Cafe

February 23: Internal Adaptation Registration is Required Create with us a community of sharing and dialogue. Chaos cafe acknowledges our unpredictable global climactic balance and the resulting precariousness of our local economies and ability to meet our needs.... Read More


Food Preservation Workshop

Learn how to preserve food at home! This course will cover a variety of food preservation methods so that you can make the most of Northern New Mexico's short growing season and eat locally grown food year round.... Read More

$30 – $60

Earth Journey Circle

Earth Journey Circle This event page is not public, but is shared with you as a special invitation. In trust of the sacred web of personal relations, I invite you to forward it to those who you feel... Read More

Backyard Compost Mini-Workshop

We can grow our community resilience by turning kitchen scraps into fertile soil! Get the low-down on worm farms, hot composting and long-term low maintenance piles. We will discuss composting toilets and how to break down other unusual... Read More

Greenhouse Design Workshop

  Watch this video about last year's Greenhouse Design Workshop! At Ampersand we have found that food production is easier in a greenhouse. It requires less water, the season extension means more food to harvest, and we... Read More

$50 – $80

Post-Capitalist Cannabis

or Wisdom From Your Weed-Fairy-Godmother It doesn't need to be an expensive commodity, but a fun plant ally that we can trade and share freely. Now that growing cannabis is legal for everybody, it's time to demystify the... Read More

Post-Capitalist Cannabis Part 2

or Wisdom From Your Weed-Fairy-Godmother This class is the second of our post-capitalist cannabis series. Understanding that this sacred plant is more than just a commodified product, this class is geared towards the beginner soil-based outdoor cannabis grower,... Read More

Wild Elixirs

Two meeting time for this course! Jan 8, and Jan 15 2 to 4pm each date Those in my orbit know of my passion for bubbly herbal beverages. You may have encountered me with a bottle of hot... Read More

$60 – $80