Earth Weekend Volunteer Day

Join us for a fun day of restoring an earthen building with salvaged materials. We'll cook you a solar lunch! Lunch contributions welcome. Volunteers are invited to stay the night and join us for the open house the... Read More

Sustainable Kitchens and Solar Cooking

Spend the day playing and feasting in Ampersand's solar and sustainable kitchen! We have 20 years of solar cooking experience and use the sun as our primary means of cooking. Want to make a lasagna?  Cook beans, pies,... Read More


Natural Building and Earthen Plasters

We love to build with earth at Ampersand! We have strawbale cottages covered with local earth plasters. We have a hybrid home made with rammed earth, strawbale, as well as post and beam with a framed attached greenhouse. ... Read More


Rain Harvesting and Greywater Systems

Learn to harvest and make use of our important water resources. This class will cover the basic elements of rain collection systems including sizing and siting your tank as well as keeping the water clean. We will also... Read More


Arid Land Restoration

 June 26, 10am to 4pm. $60 discounts available Learn to read the unique landscape of the arid Southwest! With some attention to deposit patterns of soil and organic material and wild plant indicators, you can determine stormwater flow... Read More


Open House and Intern Presentations

4pm to 6pm: Come and wander the site and chat with us!  Our interns have a video they made that they will present as well. 6pm to 7pm:  Arrive for our potluck!  We will fire up the earthen... Read More

Water is Life

When we work on the land to make arid environments flourish, we plant the water first. This creates a fertile environment from which life can grow. Living water flows within us. A good relationship with elemental water, and... Read More

Indoor Seed Propagation

March 18th 10am to 3pm Plant seeds early indoors! You can use a greenhouse, cold frame, or South facing window to get your garden sprouting despite snow on the ground outside. The factors to ensure germination and transplant... Read More


Volunteer Camp Out Weekend

Join us for a long weekend of building the Napnest, an elevated sleeping porch.  We will construct it with salvaged wood on top of the Sun Room we made with volunteers last October. The Sun Room is made... Read More