Food Preservation Workshop

Learn how to preserve food at home! This course will cover a variety of food preservation methods so that you can make the most of Northern New Mexico’s short growing season and eat locally grown food year round.

This course will cover:

  • Fermentation- Leslie and Kate will share about crafting variously flavored krouts and kimchi products.
  • Dehydration- Ampersand’s downdraft solar dehydrator will be featured as well as more make-shift drying set-ups. Hear about the various types of foods that can be made and preserved this way.
  • Canning- This includes water bath canning, low temperature canning, and pressure canning.
  • Pickling- Simple refrigerator pickles are a great way to start your food preservation adventures! We will make some in class and you will have a jar to take home.

You will see the equipment needed for each method and learn about the necessary safety measures.

Registration is required!

Sliding scale $30 to $60 per participant.

Register by email:

Kate Dyer and Leslie Bevis are the pickle chicks you may have run into at the Cerillos Farmers market. The winners of numerous county and state fair ribbons for their pickle varieties, they have spend the past four years intensively learning to garden and preserve foods in our high desert climate. They help manage the Madrid Community Garden and established a community wide composting system for the village. Leslie and Kate use food preservation practices established by the USDA, universities, and county extension offices.