Live and Learn!

Residency for Resilience

Do you want to join our project for a period of time? Wanna go deeper than just a tour of our site?

Stay with us for a week or more and experience off-grid living, Ampersand style. Just learning to live at Ampersand is a learning adventure. It will most likely be sunny, so solar cooking skills are essential to live with our infrastructure. We do have propane stoves but prefer to minimize our use of fossil fuels. Opening and closing windows and curtains at certain times of day is how we manage temperature in our living spaces. Experience using water conservatively while also getting your needs met. You will have access to internet and refrigeration. We want to support you in your journey towards sustainability and resilience in your own life, and will be around to discuss options and avenues. We can also discuss skill building and volunteer projects during your time with us. There are always ways to contribute to this place with one’s loving care.

This video made by former interns was made back in 2016. Our site has developed quite a bit since then, but what is shared here still applies.

If you are interested in a residency, inquire for details!