This year we are offering a two week mini-internship during our larger two month program which runs from May 22 to July 17.

Despite the melting polar ice caps, not everyone can afford to take a couple months out of their lives to experience sustainable living. A two week commitment makes it more approachable to answer the call of the earth.

Many of you feel it- the desire to unhook from the cell phone, to track the sun through the sky and the shade over the land, to get your hands dirty and make something with your time and energy.

During our 2 month Sustainable Living Internship Program, we are accepting participants for shorter periods of time. The cost of your mini internship includes all classes offered during that time period, meals, sleeping quarters, and a guided hands-on education. Participants are expected to join in Ampersand’s community sustainable living experience. To apply, fill out our intern application. Specify your requested length of stay (two week minimum) in the application.