Designing for Cozy

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Designing for Cozy

In Northern New Mexico, most rural folks heat their homes with wood. Winter conversations can revolve around where you got your wood, how well it burns, and how much is left. We quietly listen during these exchanges because it is impolite to brag. We rarely need to start a fire in our hearth. Our home is designed to capture the heat of the sun and store it, even through a cloudy day or two.

By designing around natural patterns we have created a living structure where the systems interact seamlessly. Heat rises, water falls, the earth’s temperature is fairly stable. We can count on these things. So this is where we started with our house design.

It is built into the Northwest side of a hill. The roof has 14 inches of blown cellulose for insulation (R51), and the attached greenhouse acts as a heater in the winter. The South facing greenhouse is slightly sunken, helping not only with heat circulation but also with utilizing our grey water without pumps and filters. We are very careful about what we put down the drain, and all our grey water drains into a processing bed which grows food year round.

We kept the hot water system small and localized around the south of the house where the naturally thermosyphoning solar water system is located, requiring no pumps... read more of this blog post


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We are already accepting interns!  It feels great to already be preparing for the special community we create together during the internship program.
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