Permaculture at Ampersand

Saturday Dec 9 – 9am to noon

Many people come to Ampersand to see how permaculture can work in an extreme situation. We receive an average of 8 to 9 inches of rainfall a year. We live off the grid, with rain catchment as our sole source of water. Yet we take showers, do laundry, and grow food! If it can be done in Ampersand’s dry climate, you can do it where you live too (you probably get more rainfall!) Ampersand started on a shoestring and we have grown it over time by collecting salvage materials, learning to use the earth on site, and designing our passive solar structures around these resources. We have prioritized a non-monetary economy which includes work-exchange positions and apprenticeships. Hear the story of Ampersand: our appropriate technologies and how we live with them, programs we have offered, our journey with community, and how our food production systems have adapted.

This online experience will be an honest look at permaculture living over 20 years of dedication. We will look at the economy of our site as it currently functions, with our different income/resource streams and ways to harvest the elements of life in a reciprocal way. You will be encouraged to reflect on your own goals and expectations related to permaculture.

There will also be an opportunity to share about your project so our online circle can learn from each other.

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