Regenerative Culture Camp

October 12 to 14, 2024

$275 per participant

Join us on the land for a weekend of hands-on experience with fellow Earth Healers.

Live in Ampersand’s sustainable learning site and be a part of how the systems work. Some people wonder how we live off rain catchment for all our water needs. Others wonder how we’ve kept up the dedication to living close with the elements here for twenty years, while always experimenting and expanding. Visitors often remark about how they may have seen each element of our systems (greywater, passive solar, land restoration, rain catchment, solar cooking…) demonstrated in different places, but never all integrated into one site, where people have actually lived with them over decades. We invite you to experience it all, and meet like minded folks who share your dedication to learning the lifestyle and being part of a movement of earth-based culture regeneration.

Camp-out includes:

  • Full site tour
  • Earth plastering party
  • Sharing circle about everyone’s goals and journey
  • Eat from Ampersand’s gardens, and enjoy meals cooked by the sun
  • Rejuvenate your spirit in the quiet healing canyon of Ampersand
  • Learn from Ampersand’s twenty years of living with their sustainable designs
  • Participate in a ceremony of claiming your gifts and your path as an Earth Healer

Arrive Saturday for an Ampersand site tour and and get your hands dirty during the earth plaster party, renewing a coat on our strawbale cottage. Sunday morning there will be a solar cooking session that we will eat the products of later in the day. We also discuss the human predicament and how we can find peace with our place in it through re-storying. We will have a sharing circle to deepen our connections and support each other’s journeys into being a healing influence on our planet and human culture.

Monday we share Ampersand’s secrets of water, greenhouses, and other systems according to participants’ interests.

Stay in one of our tents, bring yours, or stay in the tipi for shared sleeping quarters.

Meals are covered in the tuition price.

Registered participants will receive a preparing for Ampersand document to help you pack and prepare.

This will be a weekend of living simply, without the products you may be used to. Camping experience preferred.  Internet access is available, as well as the invitation to drop out of all that! We can keep you occupied with activities, inner explorations, and land connection. And all activities are optional. Restore yourself and your vision for your life and the planet!

Contact to apply