Regenerative Soils

Saturday Nov 4 – 9am to noon

Regenerative approaches to land management are different than organic practices. Recent research has led to a greater understanding of the life in the soil. The intelligence of plants, microbes, worms, humus, and the natural world is awe inspiring!

In this class we will look at the tiny realm of microorganisms in the soil as well as the planetary scale of how organic matter helps regulate the climate on a global scale. Carbon gets a lot of attention related to climate change, but it’s important to understand how the carbon cycle is directed by planetary water cycles, and how these cycles regulate climates and temperatures.

Returning organic matter to the nutrient cycles of the Earth is necessary. We will look at how Ampersand employs a variety of composting techniques on site, including a humanure system. Amanda will offer composting advice for the participants to figure out which ones will work for your family at your location.

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