School Programs


Our mission is to provide educational services that offer opportunities to learn, share, explore, and embody methods for living within the means of our local resources and promote ecological literacy.  We emphasize affordable low tech solutions and community involvement, encouraging sustainable systems and lifestyles to take root in every household and community in Northern New Mexico and beyond.

We enjoy developing relationships with kids and classroom groups.  That way we can layer our experiential curriculum to teach about tracking natural resources for living in harmony with the earth’s natural cycles.   The most valuable approach is to experience Ampersand during a field trip.

Field Trips

Nothing compares to actually experiencing a site that embodies sustainable living, with real people who actually do it.  This can be a life changing experience for students.  It may reinforce and encourage an existing enthusiasm for living close to nature, or it may be an introduction to approachable systems that support self sufficiency.  A visit to Ampersand can open one’s eyes to a way of living in relationship with the resources that the earth freely provides like the sun and rain and earth on any given site.  We tour school groups through our site with an explanation of the workings of the technologies and systems.  The field trip includes experiential opportunities as well.  Students may get a chance to build with earth or contribute to a land restoration or gardening project.  We also facilitate a discussion with the students in order to begin a conversation about sustainable living that can carry into the future.

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 Amanda Bramble, director of Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center, has been teaching about self sufficiency and sustainable systems for twenty years.  Her curriculum connects information about local natural processes with experiential activities, and reinforces a natural sense of caring for our environment.  Her primary goal is to foster a sense of belonging to the natural world and to share the joy of learning and creativity within it.
Her experience includes developing and teaching grade school curriculum through the Center for Biological Diversity, developing youth programs through the  San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, teaching at the Santa Fe Community College, UNM’s Sustainability Studies program, Ecoversity, and at Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center.
Contact Amanda Bramble at  or 505 780-0535 to talk about your school group’s needs.  Thanks!