Garden Starts and Consulting Services

Summer Veggie Starts

We will begin processing orders on May 6 for pick up on May 9.

To pre-purchase online: Browse the list. Send us an email with your order and what day you can pick up from Ampersand or if you wish to meet us for delivery.

We will process orders according to pick up/delivery date. We will confirm your order with changes according to our existing inventory. We accept PayPal deposits (after we confirm species availability and total price) checks made to Amanda Bramble, or exact change upon pick up.

If you want delivery to Santa Fe, keep scrolling down. Please note we will not be doing home deliveries. We will choose a spacious south side location and meet there.

Dates we are open for pick up at Ampersand (while supplies last):

May 9 (Sat) 10am to 3pm

May 12 (tues) 10am to 12pm

May 16 (Sat) 10am to 3pm


Dates for delivery and how that will work:

We will be making two deliveries for orders. Order must be confirmed the day before delivery date.

Delivery to Madrid May 10 @ 10am, Upper Ballpark Parking Lot

Delivery to Santa Fe May 14 @ 12pm, noon

May Plant Sale Inventory

Homemade living compost: $10 per bag

Summer Squash ($2)

Round French Zucchini

Early yellow crookneck

Lemon Squash

Black Beauty Zucchini

Winter Squash ($2)


Chimayo Calabaza

Waltham Butternut

Melon ($2)

Madhi Ras Honey Melon

Santo Domingo Casaba Melon

Haogen Melon

Santo Domingo Watermelon

Armenian Cucumbers ($2)

Peppers/Chiles $3 each

Chimayo Pepper

Shishito Pepper-

Thai Hot- These are quite small (2 for $3)

Flowers: ($2)

Marigold Cupid



Corrales Azafran

Greens: ($2)

Rainbow Chard

Lacinato Kale

Blue curled Scotch Kale

Red Russian Kale


Tatsoi clusters

Hopi Red Amaranth

Chinese Multicolor Amaranth

Salad Mix ($3)

Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry ($2)

Herbs: ($3)


Genovese Basil

Anise Basil


Lemon Catnip

Hopi Ceremonial Tobacco

Moss Curled Parsley

Flat Italian Parsley


Clary Sage

Red Stemmed Dandelion

Lemon Basil (They are small but we will give you 2 for $3)


Egyptian Walking Onions ($4)

Tomatoes: ($5 each)


Consulting Services

Online Consulting – $30/hr
In Person Consulting – $45/hr
Sustainable Habitat Site Analysis – $150

Amanda Bramble has been providing mentorship and technical support for over a decade.

Her consulting work focuses on projects at the design phase.  She has been sought out for advice for siting sustainable infrastructure prior to building or purchasing a property, for creating a Permaculture site plan that works with the lifestyle of the clients, and for land restoration and water harvesting strategies.

Often folks like to start with the Sustainable Habitat Site Analysis. It involves a preliminary client questionnaire, an hour site visit, and a short report with references for further independent study. The cost for this service is $150.

In some situations Amanda will work on an hourly basis to give advice and support for sustainable projects.

Specializing in:

  • greywater systems

  • rainwater collection

  • passive solar design

  • land restoration and drainage

  • organic gardening

  • natural building

  • permaculture



  • Affordable Low Tech solutions

  • Voluntary Simplicity

  • DIY


More specific project possibilities:

  • Seed saving and Land Restoration

  • Organic Gardening, Wild food harvesting and Sustainable food storage

  • Herbs for medicine, beauty, and food

  • Greywater use in the landscape

  • Rainwater collection and use

  • Sustainable garden rehabilitation design

  • Composting and worms

  • Solar ovens and dehydrators

  • Creating outdoor environments to support sustainable practices

  • Permaculture

  • Native plants and their historical and contemporary uses

  • Nurturing the Soil

  • Harvesting Sunlight for heating

  • Gifts from the Land

  • Passive Solar design

  • Ecological microclimates

  • Natural Building



Online Consulting – $30/hr
In Person Consulting – $45/hr
Sustainable Habitat Site Analysis – $150

To place an order, email us.