The Synchronicity of Service

The first Ampersand apprenticeship is complete! So much has happened in these last six months and the apprenticeship has woven through everything. But there are a couple of things I really need to say. First of all, Janus… Read More

Inspiration- The In Breath

“Did you have a vision for all this when you started?” I get this question a lot when people see Ampersand for the first time. How did we create all these structures and systems in 12 years? The… Read More

Tinkering for Hot Water

We love the sun! The way we appreciate this gift of nature is by harvesting it whenever we can. One way is by heating water. We have three solar water heaters that we cobbled together from items at… Read More

Rainy Day Reflections

Sometimes I forget how nature can swoop in and save the day. A good rain recharges not only my cisterns, but also my sense of abundance. It started a couple days after our mushroom cultivation workshop. We had… Read More

Snapshot of a Solar Stew

Until recently the questions that guided my cooking strategies were: How many dishes will I have to do? Can I do something else while I cook this? How do I cook it with sunlight? Can I fit fairly… Read More