Imogen Semmler

Before I came to Ampersand I knew things about sustainable living from reading books and hearing people talk. I knew about using and valuing resources, zero waste and damage to the environment. I had a worm farm and used greywater on my garden. But I had never put it into practice as a whole system, and I don’t think it’s possible to really learn about sustainable living until you live off the grid and see all the elements working together.

Ampersand has taught me that underneath an umbrella of philosophy and ideas, sustainable living is a living system made up of planning, designing and doing all the ‘necessary things (sleeping, eating, drinking, washing) woven together, interrelated and complex. Meal prep and cooking interact with work, water, and waste and the weather. Designing and building relies on watching and taking small steps and making changes that are guided by nature. I have also learned about living in a community sustainably- working, learning, planning and celebrating together and adapting constantly to take the most humble, ethical and natural course. And finally I have learned that DIY is the most awesome education… Ampersand style.