Taran Wilkens-Plumley

At Ampersand life was no longer separated into categories of study time, work time, personal time, or play time. Instead everything was wholly interdependent. The books I studied at night became applicable the very next day as I followed out the outlined procedures on how to compost, or how to construct something properly. Caring for myself in the form of finding sustenance was an activity that I completed not just for myself, but also for the community. Thus, my personal responsibility to keep myself alive also became a community bonding ritual. All the seemingly disparate threads of life, smoothed themselves out into an interconnected tapestry of networks. Ampersand has taught me two fundamental wisdoms. The first that when a true need for something exists a solution will develop, if those involved are willing to listen and actively work towards a goal. The second being that individuals can not exist without the existence of a community, and it is this functioning community that allows individuals to prosper and shine. Thus if you want to enjoy your own personal freedoms and inclinations, you must take care of your community. The word community extends as locally or as globally as one’s perception allows. It could be one’s immediate block or the entirety of the Earth and all of it’s organisms. So in order to care for yourself you must essentially care for your world.