Our New Mini- Internship!

This year we realize how much we need the internship for us.IMG_5374 We need a hand to help pull us out of winter hibernation. Yes, the gardens are already producing salad, asparagus and other greens. The sunchokes are vibrantly bursting through their blanket of straw. And, lest we forget, we have already accomplished a lot in our watershed restoration project.

But as our internship time approaches, we realize how important and special this time is for us. It’s rewarding to share the joys of our way of life. We have witnessed some amazing transformations and revelations of the leaders we foster. For two months, we get to know some wonderful people also dedicated to sustainable living.

I just hooked up the solar shower for the summer. I feel a little behind doing this in mid May, but we did just get snow. Next on the agenda: boxing up the spices and bringing them down to the outdoor community kitchen. We’ll bring the best kitchen knives as well. It’s not hard for us to get comfortable in our passively heating and cooling house. But the outdoors call! Specifically, the mockingbird which has a great kingbird imitation calls.

Years ago, our internship evolved out of a time of hosting shorter term volunteers. We realized that we want to

spend the time with people to really share our way of life- cooking with the sun, the preciousness of our water, the teachings of our land. It became imperative that we set up an internship program to train folks to live with integrity to our designs, and allow time for people to grow out of that experience to use their own creativity here at our learning center.

The two month program as been a life passage for many people, and they leave hereIMG_7389 with a higher degree of competence and awareness. Now we are finding ways to include more people in our center. This year we offer a two week mini-internship during our larger two month program. Despite the melting polar ice caps, not everyone can afford to take a couple months out of their lives to experience sustainable living. A two week commitment makes it more approachable to answer the call of the the earth. Many of you feel it- the desire to unhook from the cell phone, to track the sun through the sky and the shade over the land, to get your hands dirty and make something with your time and energy.

The internship begins on Friday, May 23! Contact us now about our new mini-internship offering which will run until July 18th.IMG_4562

Written by Amanda Bramble

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